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Follow five easy steps to become the future homeowner

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Apply now and get pre-approved. It's free, easy and comes with no obligations. This is suitable for you with a fixed income and the ability to service a mortgage, but who currently lack the equity capital for a loan from the bank. Check out your housing budget with our housing calculator.

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Choose your home

It is up to you to find the homes for sale that you like. Skip the rental market and choose from properties for sale, where you have much greater options.

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Address buys the home for you

When you have been approved to become a customer with us - and you have found the home you like, we will submit an offer for the home. You don't have to be involved in this process, we take care of it, so you can prepare to live in it.


Move in and start saving

When we have completed the purchase, you can move in and rent the property from us for a period of three years. You will have the right to buy the home at a pre-agreed price and all the increase in value above the pre-agreed price will belong to you. You can then use this as equity in the future. You will also have the opportunity to save more in addition to the rent payment in a savings account offered by our partner bank.

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Congratulations, you are homeowner

When you are ready and have saved enough money to finance the equity for the home purchase, and your bank has issued a financing certificate, you can buy the home from us at the agreed price. Congratulations, you have become a home owner!

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